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What makes a good home inspector?

Hire a home inspector that has undergone extensive training, like American Home Inspectors Training Institute (AHIT). Plus, 40+ hours(20+ inspections) Field training with a local Certified Master Home Inspector. A home inspector that participates in State licensing continuing education.

You want a home inspector that knows the insides of your home and understands the basics of local requirements. A home inspector will not be able to tell you every single plumbing, electrical and structural aspect of your potential home is up to the latest building codes. For this, you'll need a more specialized inspection by a licensed plumber, electrician or contractor. A home inspector will be able to guide and recommend this.

A good home inspector should evaluate possible visible spaces in your home, including roof, basement/crawlspace, and attic. Looking at major systems and components of furnace, water heater, electrical panel. The home inspector should have enough knowledge to inform you if the systems are safe or in need of major repairs. Be able to point out safety hazards, shock hazards, and fire hazards.

The home inspector should encourage you to attend the inspection. Its a great opportunity to learn about your home and talk about any possible repair and safety issues. A great home inspector will walk you around and through the home educating you in the process.

A good home inspector will have a electronic report that's easy to read and not technically exhaustive. Same day reports that are promptly emailed, that will save you time with the process and contingency period. Giving you more time to ask questions and to find the right specialists if needed.

Make sure your home inspector is unbiased and objective. Choose a home inspector that carries errors and omissions insurance along with general liability insurance. 




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